An updated physical exam must be on file for your child annually. All immunization shots must be updated and a lead screening is strongly suffested by the NYS Dept of Social Services.

No prescribed medication will be administered to any child at the facility. Diaper ointments, sunscreen and insect reppellant may be administered with the written permission from the parent.

Well children and mildly ill children are accepted into our facility. A child will be sent home if they come to the daycare with one or more of the following symptoms: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed rash, conjunctivitis, irritability, persistent abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, wheezing, unusual lethargy. We understand the difficulty this may pose for working parents but it is done out of consideration for the children who are well and who may be exposed. Below is a guideline of when a child should stay home:

A) Fever: armpit temperature of 100 F; child must stay home and
may return 24 hours after body tempature returns to 98.6 F.

B) Vomiting: three or more within a 24 hour periond: child may return 24 hours after vomiting has stopped.

C) Diarrhea: 3 or more stools within a 24 - hour period: child may return when stool returns to normal

D) Earache: child is allowed into the daycare as longe as ear discomfort does not interfere with the childs
ability to play.

E) Colds: child is allowed into the daycare as long as the cold is not accompanied by a fever or severe
thick, greenish nasal discharge, and / or frequent coughing that interferes with your child's activity.

Note: In the event a child contracts a communicable disease and exposes the other children, all parents will be notified when they pick up their child.


If a medical emergency should arise, emergency sercives will be contacted to transport your child to St. Lukes emergency room. You will be contacted as quickly as possible.







Children will be encouraged to rest between the hours of 12 Noon & 2:00 PM. If a child does not want to sleep, a rest time will be encouraged during this time.


Meals are not provided by the daycare. Parents will be responsible for bringing breakfast, lunch and milk/formula. Snacks will be provided throughout the day by the daycare.


Your child will only be released to contacts listed on the membership application as O.K. to pick up. If there is a special circumstance where someone not listed on the membership application must pick up your child, you must submit a written permission for the new adult. Please note that the adult will be required to produce a photo ID at the time of the pick-up.


Misconduct in the center will be handled in a firm and loving manner. Children will be guided in the proper way to behave to ensure a safe and happy enviroment for all of the children within the daycare. Behavior dangerous to others will be handled quickly and can lead to a child being discontinued from the program.


Age appropriate children will be encouraged to use the bathroom on regular intervals. We encourage parents to support the daycare's efforts by reinforcing the routine at home. Remember that toilet training should be done at the child's pace and should always be a positive experience.


The children will engage in daily activities that will be conducted indoors and outdoors. Please dress your child appropriately. A child should be dressed in confortable apparel and proper footwear. The daily weather should be taken into consideration when selecting the clothing for the day.

The following items should be stored in the daycare for your child:

A) An extra set of clothing and undergarments suitavle for the season in a labeled bag.

B) Extra sweater or jacket.

C) Appropriate outer garments based on the temperature (hats, gloves, scarves, boots).

D) A pair of slippers for the daycare with rubber sole bottoms. Your child will nap on a cot. For his/her comfort, please send a sheet, pillow & case, comforter/blanket & favorite sleeping companion. Bedding will be sent home weekly for cleaning.


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