The ark of Learning daycare has been created in order to provide children with a warm, tender loving environment in which social, emotional, and academic development can occur. The programs designed for the chldren are age appropriate, and stimulate learning. The activities are safe, fun filled, and musical in nature. Children will be encouraged to participate in group activities that will develop positive social skills, in addition to teacher guided independent activities. Biblical themes such as sharing, respect, helping others, and kindness will be used to guide children towards an understanding of their responsibilities to themselves and others. Children will be introduced to daily routines that will provide a stable, predictable basis upon which they can grow and flourish. The providers at The Ark of Learning daycare seek to supplement the child with loving guidance that will reinforce what is learned at home.


Children will be stimulated using their five senses. They will learn how to interpret their environment while developing their fine motor skills. Activities will be fun in nature and encourage children based on their abilities. Computers will be used to supplement learning when appropriate.

Children will listen to stories and interact with puppets to reinforce book themes. Biblical themes will be convered during select reading periods.


Imagination is a window into a child's mind and heart. Arts and crafts is one way in which children will be taught to express themselves. Some activities will be guided while others will be free flowing creativity. In addition to art, children will learn the joys of music. Dancing and singing are great ways for children to foster a love for music.


Children will be encouraged to participate in physical activities that will develop their gross and fine motor skills. Children will have outdoor play where they will explore, climb, jump, roll, skip... in other words, be a kid! Indoor play will include dance, choreographed exercises, and game.






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